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2019 Program


Saturday 1.6    from 11 am to 10 pm

ore 11:00  Welcome to Little Italy Festival

ore 13:30  Presidente Circolo degli Italiani

ore 14:00  Ella Kanninen

ore 14:30  Ambasciatore d'Italia

ore 15:00  Egle Oddo Performance

ore 15:45  Ella Kanninen

ore 16:30  Fabrizio Rende

ore 17:15  Robotto

ore 17:30  Matteo Cerboncini

ore 18:00  Matteo Cerboncini + Alessia Dal Bo'

ore 18:15  Robotto

ore 19:00  Luca Gargano Duo

ore 19:45  Mariella Pudas

ore 20:15  Luca Sturniolo

0re 21:30  Gran Finale


Sunday 2.6.    from 10 am to 8 pm


ore 10.00  Welcome to Little Italy Festival

ore 13:00  The Lovers of Venice 

ore 14:00  Egle Oddo

ore 14:30 Kilpailu arvonta Ravintola Presto ja Bacco

ore 15:30  Claudio Sasso

ore 16:30  Matteo e Tiina

ore 17:45  NOOA

ore 18:30  Luca Sturniolo

ore 19:00  Andrea Brosio

ore 19:30  Gran Finale


Circolo degli Italian i in Finlandia  present:



Giocar Cantando (GC)- Workshop

(Circolo degli Italiani in Finlandia)

Target: children 0-6 years old with their guardians

Lenght: about 30 min


Saturday 1.6 at 11.00, 12.00, 16.00 and 17.00

Sunday 2.6 at 11.00, 12.00, 16.00, 17.00

Italian Cultural Institute’s workshop

on Saturday 1.6. and Sunday 2.6. from 12.00 to 16.00.

The workshop includes in rotation:

• quiz: “Can you guess the meaning of these Italian hand gestures?”

• mini Italian lessons

• game of bingo

DramaLab - Workshop

(Circolo degli italiani in Finlandia)

The workshop runs several drama exercises and games for building confidence and communication skills for children. Through improv games, children will learn something more about Italy and its beauties, language, food and places. The workshop will be organized by Flavia Vatanen, Antonella Perna and Vanja La Vecchia. 


SCHEDULE: Sunday 2.6 at 11.30, 12.30, 13.30, 14.30, 15.30  / For about 15 minutes

AGE: Open to all children aged 6+'

"Arte del Reciclo"

Art Lab whit recycled materials

(Circolo degli Italiani in Finlandia)

This is the chance to create some of our favourite Italian foods- PIZZA & GELATO- out of recycled materials.

It will be a funny way to learn more about pizza ingredients and ice-cream flavours in Italian!

The workshop is open to all.

It will be ongoing from 12 to 3:30 pm on sunday 2nd.

Mail Boxes Etc present:


Food, artist, etc..



Il circolo degli italiani.


Pasta factory

Profumi d' Italia

Vino Tours and more

La Rustichella

Mail Boxes Etc

Cose Buone

La griglia di Michelangelo

Fari's Sausage

Profumi D'italia /Viini Tours

Ravintola Presto


Sweet italy Waffel

Francesco Tokkola artist

Ravintola Bacco

Azienda famiglia Salvatelli

Alexander Burger

Italian Coffee Revolution

Stefano Rossetti  Designer and artist


Saturday 1.6

11:00  Piergiorgio Parini Michelin star WORKSHOP

19:00 Dinner with star + Wine taste.


Saturday 1.6

21:00    ITALO DISCO

Little Italy festarin kunniaksi tarjoillaan aitoa Italo-discoa!
Viihdyttämässä Tero Männikkö & Juuso Tervo.


Free Entry !!
Benvenuti ❤️

saturday 1.6. at 3 pm and 4 pm


Now there is a change to experience production facilities of a distillery and get a detailed explanation in Italian of how whiskey, gin and our other award winning spirits are carefully hand-crafted. The Helsinki Distilling Company will arrange distillery tours in Italian on Saturday 1.6 at 15.00 and 16.00. After the tour you can taste the distillery products with a guidance. Distillery tour will take 30 minutes and the price is only 5€/person.

Reservations by e-mail at info@hdco.fi.


Egle Oddo will present a performance with seeds, as part of her ongoing project Ark of Seeds.

The performance is participatory, multi-sensorial, and suitable for families.


Artist Biography:

Egle Oddo (1975, Palermo) received her BA in Classical Studies (1994), Palermo; then continued her studies in Department of Paining, Academy of Fine Arts (1998), Palermo and Polytechnic of Fine Arts in Valencia.  She completed her MA at the Academy of Fine Arts, Palermo in 2001.

Her work focuses on linear and non-linear narration as an art form. Interested in operational realism meant as the presentation of the functional sphere in an aesthetic arrangement and its inter-relations, she combines photography, moving image, installation, sculpture, environmental art, and experimental live art. In her pieces industrial production morphs towards delicate handcraft, life forms appear and emerge out of sculptures and objects, film photography appropriate digital images, selected trash mix with fashion, precious edible minerals and ancestral recipes are served as part of ritual meals.

Her work is present at International biennials, Museums and relevant institutions, as well as independent alternative spaces and events.

She moved to Helsinki in 2006 and founded Namastic Art Collective. She is member of Catalysti Association of Transcultural Artists in Finland; Pixelache Trans-disciplinary Platform for Experimental Art, Research and activism; MUU Association of Professional Artists; Maatiainen Association for the Protection of Finnish Local Species.

Oddo lives and works in Helsinki.

Egle Oddo

In 2012 takes part to the Tv show The voice of Finland which gives him notoriety and brings him around as trubadour and special guests in several bands for the followin couple of years. He sings Scorpions´”Still loving you” in the blind audition on line in the finnish channel number 4 (nelonen) january 11th 2013, but no coach choose him for his team. He´s invited for the second change in Helsinki in Radio Aalto´s studios where he sings Ac/Dc´s “whole lotta rosie” and Mr Michael Monroe invites him to his team. He wins on the Ring Battle on line feb 15th 2013 singing Who´s “Baba o´Riley”. March 15th he sings Cheap trick´s “Stop this game” in the live show in Logomo Turku on line in the 4th channel broadcoast with over a milion people audience.

Luca Sturniolo

Mariella Pudas (os. Gargano) on monipuolinen laulaja. The Voice of Finlandissakin menestyneen, ahkerasti keikkalavoja kiertävän suomalais-italialaisen Mariellan olet voinut nähdä niin musikaaleissa, eri artistien taustalaulajana, Shine Out -bilebändin keulakuvana, kuin Queen-showssa. Mariellalle italialaisuus merkitsee vahvoja arvoja, kuten perhettä, perinteitä ja kulttuuria. Little Italy Festissä Mariella nähdäänkin lavalla yhdessä veljensä Luca Garganon kanssa.

Mariella Pudas

Tiina & Matteo are an electroacoustic folk-rock duo; they play both originals and covers. Matteo is an Italian guitar player, he creates the whole band with his 12-string guitar and a loop station. Tiina is a Finnish professional singer who studied five years in the Conservatorio of Trapani (Sicily), and she always pulls all of herself in every gig. For the Little Italy Festival they have prepared a set of Italian songs from different times and of different genres, including some songs in Italian dialects and some original songs too.

Tiina & Matteo
Luca Gargano

Luca Gargano is a Helsinki based singer, songwriter and bandleader.  He has also worked in the Finnish media and events for over 20 years and he is the production director of the Karaoke World Championships.

Over the years Luca has played in various bands and is the host of the legendary Helsinki singer-songwriter open mic night “Samettiklubi”. He released his rocking debut solo album Look Back in Laughter in September 2010. His second album (Bola Bola, Nov 2012) was in Finnish under the pseudonym Koskelainen. Koskelainen has released several albums and Luca is working on new material in Finnish, English and Italian.

Luca Gargano started his first band as a teenager in the late 80’s. Since then he has written music and performed with different bands, cover bands, stage musicals and choirs ranging from rock and pop to art music.

His first touch with karaoke was in 1991 when he won a trip to Spain in a local karaoke competition. In the 90’s Luca was a part time kj and in the mid 00’s he produced an extremely successful Finnish event and DVD series called Heavy Karaoke which also resulted in a Guinness World Record of group karaoke in 2006. Luca has produced the KWC World Finals since 2014.

Luca has always been a radio enthusiast. He recorded his first shows at five. His actual radio career started in 1991 at a local station Jokiradio in Porvoo. Since then he has worked for Radiofoni, Lähiradio, Radio City, Radiomafia, YleX, Kaupunkiradio, Radio Helsinki and Bassoradio. He has also produced shows for Radio Suomi and Yle Radio 1, and for six years he has ran his own webradio for children called Lasten oma radio.

When not playing he works as a promoter, radio host & dj and event producer or spends time with his family.

Andrea Brosio

Born in Italy, singer Andrea Brosio moves to Finland at the age of 19. Six years later he graduates as Pop/Jazz singer from the Conservatory of Jyväskylä, and that same year he releases his first acoustic solo album as songwriter. Following this period, he takes part in various projects with local musicians, and forms two rock bands – Grey Heron and The Scions.

In 2017 Brosio takes part in the Finnish TV program, “ The Voice”. He joins the team of legendary Hanoi Rocks’ frontman and co-founder, Michael Monroe, and makes it into the final of the competition where he finishes third overall. After competing in “The Voice”, Brosio forms the brand-new band, White Cloud Fire, featuring long-time school-friend and fellow songwriter Ilkka Kainulainen on guitar (Piecemaker, SICI, Von Vida, Electric Beat Orgy) and Jaakko Pellotsalo on bass (Autere, Viilto, Grey Heron). The band line-up is completed by the addition of half Italian school-friend, Paulo Poverini on drums (Lajitoverit, The Leopards). On July 24th, White Cloud Fire releases its first single, “Libertà”, featuring Monroe on all backing vocals and as producer, co-lyricist and co-arranger. The band starts performing shows three days later during the Neste Rally Finland.

On Sept. 18th Brosio joins Monroe for his Alasti-klubi TV-episode as backing vocalist. On Oct. 20th, sharing the stage with Sami Yaffa, Rich Jones, Steve Conte, Karl Rockfist, Nasty Suicide, Dregen, and Eicca Toppinen from Apocalyptica, Brosio makes his appearance at Monroe’s solo-career 30th-anniversary gig with a duet of “Dead, Jail or Rock N’ Roll”.

Matteo Cerboncini

Music has always been the most important aspect, and I did a lot of different things with that.

Studio recordings, gigs in clubs, theatres and cruise ships, touring with recording artists in big arenas, teaching, troubadouring and playing in big bands and orchestras. Always looking forward to something new.

I play guitar in Mamasuya.

Alessia Dal Bo´

Alessia will be at the Festival dancing contemporary dance on Matteo Cerboncini’s music. Both are from the same city in Piemonte and they meet on the stage.

Alessia began study dance at Centro Danza Roberta Borello where, beside classical ballet, she studied contemporary, modern-jazz, neo classical, flamenco, indian dance and folk dance. She attended several dance shows in Italy and was a part of the dance staff in La Traviata in Basilea. Nowadays she performs with the indian dance Bolly Beat Dancers dance group in Helsinki since 2017.

Finnish-Italian electro-pop trio NOOA itroduces itself to the public with a powerful debut single. With its epic soundscape Did You Notice hit all major digital platforms on Friday, March 22nd. This international pop trio has taken its main influences from artists such as London Grammar, SIA and Massive Attack.


The band was formed in 2016 when songwriter Noora Salmi, exhausted of the overload of her work situation at the time, decided to move to Rome where she quickly became inspired by the city's art scene and cultural life. With her songwriting muse replenished she soon had several songs ready to be performed and recorded. After encountering drummer Ranieri Scoccia the nucleus of the band was formed. After a few gigs the musical parters decided to base themselves in Helsinki where synthesizer artist Mikko Patama joined them to complete the current line-up. His contribution gave the band's sound the extra color and sonic versatility needed to begin the work towards their first release.


"NOOA's music is the chaotic sounds of Rome meeting the relative tranquility of Helsinki", says singer and songwriter Noora Salmi. "We combine skillful sound design with clever melodies and bold lyrics. The stories tackle different sides of the human condition, our relationship with the here and now but also past vs. future. We also try to say things that are a bit tabu. For us it's important to make great pop music, give our audience a memorable live experience and release music that's, in the right quantities, familiar but new."


Stefano Rossetti 

Designer and artist, he is the founder of PEPE nymi, a creative agency based in Milan.

Through his artworks, Rossetti conveys a motivation to impactful social values as spreading love and building bridges between people. His audience is constantly invited to take action with a kind-hearted, giving and positive state of mind. In his art, he gives shape to a different world, a dimension in which everything is a symbol in a synthesis of archetypes and contemporary imagery based on simple, iconic and universal figures. His view of design is playful, far from elitism and close to the heart of things.


His Design Park, made by a set of urban furniture and inflatable art pieces, debuted during Milan Design Week 2018 and in the last year is been the protagonist of very successful and impactful events. Lately, it’s been exposed at MUDEC Museum and underneath “Bosco Verticale” skyscraper in Milan.




Big Man and his flower 


“Once upon a time there was a place where everything that there was once was still there…”


He’s a gentle giant with a flower as a friend. He takes care, he builds bridges instead of walls. He’s 16 meters tall but his step is light, cause his heart is overflowing with good feelings. He’s Big Man!

Big Man is the ambassador of a thoughtful lightness. Indeed, he keeps on saying everybody: “Throw your heart over the fence!”.

He remembers us that getting involved and giving more than you got it’s the only way to make bloom the world.

Stefano Rossetti 

Designer and artist

Actor, mime, performer, author and painter. A versatile artist, he performs with a surreal and minimalist mimic show

Exploring the youtube channel creates sketches with the play back technique interacting with an increasingly involved audience.

In 2010 he creates his character Robotto (8) an interactive Robot; a futuristic circus clown; music is interspersed with scenes from moviees to politics from advertising ... a new way to make people smile!



Fabrizio Rende, composer, producer, songwriter, singer and musician. Fabrizio was born in Italy but grown up in different countries and most of his life in Spain, where he started his career as a songwriter and then as a singer. Living in Spain for so long helps him to write and sing songs in Spanish, which give him the opportunity to open his market in that language spoken countries, even if he perform and also write in Italian, English and other, writing songs for international artist


Fabrizio is now living in Finland and his at the moment performing his own music, Italian and Spanish Pop music, in different South American Countries, and preparing his new record for that market, but also recording different duets with Finish artists.


As a performer he will offer for the Festival his shows that include Italian hits from the 50's, 60's and 70's (from his albums "Come Prima 2005" , "Será Napulitana 2008" and "The Sound of Italy 2015").

Fabrizio Rende

by  Camilla Rajalin and Mervi Tammi


We tell the love story of  the Contessa and the Cavaliere with  the marionettes and dancing with the masks and also using physical theatre.

We use Italian music and our performance is non-verbal. It

suits well  for the whole family.  

Length c 30 min

The lovers of Venice

Are you familiar with the most popular italian songs? Can you recognize them with a touch of jazz? 
Find it out with new sounds by Claudio Sasso

Claudio Sasso

“Welcome to the Italian Cultural Institute’s workshop on Saturday 1.6. and Sunday 2.6. from 12.00 to 16.00.


The workshop includes in rotation:


•          quiz: “Can you guess the meaning of these Italian hand gestures?”

•          mini Italian lessons

•          game of bingo


The Italian Cultural Institute in Helsinki promotes Italian language and culture in Finland since 1942. The Institute organizes cultural events, offers Italian language classes and also a library.”

Italian Cultural Institute

Giocar Cantando (GC)- Workshop

Target: children 0-6 years old with their guardians

Lenght: about 30 min


Saturday 1.6 at 11.00, 12.00, 16.00 and 17.00

Sunday 2.6 at 11.00, 12.00, 16.00, 17.00

The workshop consists of playing, singing, dancing and an easy craft. The songs will be presented and taught in Italian by Renata Grillo accompanied by her guitar and then performed together with the participants. 

Giocar Cantando is a music playschool for children aged 0-6. It was founded in Helsinki in 2010 by Renata Grillo under the patronage of Circolo degli italiani. Giocar Cantando is primarily created to keep alive the Italian language among Italian speaking families that live in Finland. In Giocar Cantando courses a great variety of children songs and ways to play with are taught. Besides songs, several other elements are used such as rhymes, mimes, circles, dances, fables, theater of shades, easy crafts and so on, often mixed with each other. Suitable percussion instruments and pedagogical material such as colorful textiles, soft balls, puppets and toys are used as well. The result is a creative and fun activity stimulating besides language and musical skills, the general psycho-motorial and emotional development of the child.

Renata Grillo graduated as a pianist at the age of 23 in Italy. Music was her first great passion, but she was also interested in Sciences and later she got a Doctoral Degree. Scientific research brought her to Finland where she eventually settled down. After her second and third child were born, she spent a long maternwhood. This gave her the opportunity to admire the richness of Finnish traditional music for children and afterward she started to be interested in early music education. She attended Soili Perkiö’s courses on Music Education at Early Stages at Siba Open University. In 2010 she founded the first Italian music playschool in Finland, Giocar Cantando, with the support of Circolo degli italiani, a no-profit Association of Italians in Finland. She is currently working as a music educator leading the courses of Giocar Cantando, as well as carrying out music labs for school-age children and teaching piano for individuals and groups.




The DramaLab workshop aims to support an environment where children learn basic theater skills involving imagination, improvisation and roleplay.

Our program at the Little Italy Festival is designed to increase listening and concentration skills, build self-esteem while exploring children’s emotions. Kids will explore how to connect to the acting space, the others and their creative self. At the same time, through improv games, the children will learn something more about Italy like its beauties, language, food and places.

Discover the world of improvisation with us! Benvenuti!



Sunday 2.6 at 11.30, 12.30, 13.30, 14.30, 15.30. For about 15 Min



Open to all children aged 6+


Who are we?

Bring an educator (Flavia), an art historian (Antonella), and a sociologist (Vanja) together. Mix creativity, motivation and passion for arts. Add a pinch of imagination and expression. Season with confidence and skills and the deal is done!




is a group of Italian girls living in Helsinki, all from different backgrounds but with the same passion for creativity. They are offering at Little Italy Festival a special laboratory for kids and parents, inspired by Italian culture. The idea of the name came from the wish to have fun with kids and create small objects, all made by Italian pasta. We will learn how to do these small toys to bring at home with you as souvenir of the Festival. Ready to create together?
You can also have fun with our face painting in Italian theme, for everybody!

When? Sat 12 - 17 and Sun 12 - 16


Art Lab with recycled Materials

This is the chance to create some of our favourite Italian foods – PIZZA & GELATO – out of recycled materials. It will be a funny way to learn more about pizza ingredients and ice-cream flavours in Italian!


ONLY Sunday 2.6 from 12 to 15:30.